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About the project

Cracked Ground

Originally my senior thesis project, Climate Hallway Chats is a podcast series that explores how storytelling can impact and shape environmental policy.

I interviewed members of the EPA, CleanAireNC, Town Council Members, and local environmental activists to learn what climate change-oriented media they found most compelling. Next, I compiled all these insights (about 200 pages of transcripts) and boiled them down to four central messages that many participants kept referring back to. These insights are types of storytelling that these individuals (who are working on and around environmental policy) found most informative and important. 

In conducting and distilling these interviews, my goal was to create a set of insights that would be useful for storytellers (authors, podcasters, filmmakers, producers, and even average citizens) to use when telling stories designed to catalyze environmental action. 

After conducting all my interviews and retroactively studying them, I realized that the broad nature of the insights best lent themselves not to a traditional written thesis but rather to a set of more conversational, thematic audio pieces. Many of my interviewees told me that they responded best to casual hallway conversations as a form of storytelling, so taking their lead, I created our own form of these to share together.


This is Climate Hallway Chats. 

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